Because being thin and being beautiful are synonymous.
Note: I do not support anorexia so please don't ask me for tips on how to start.

ABC Diet, Day 16

Allowed: 200cal

B: None.
Total = 0cal

L: 1 rice cake(35cal), 1/2cup of unsweetened applesauce(50cal)
Total = 75cal

D: 1/2 muffin made with applesauce instead of oil and FLAX instead of eggs (~75cal), 1 rice cake with hot sauce(35cal)
Total = 120cal

Cardio: 2 hours of building props(-896cal)
Total = -896cal

Daily Total = 195/200cal
Net Total = -686cal

Tomorrow is my second fast. I’m going up to Oregon to visit my friend so I have a perfect excuse to keep myself busy, burn tons of calories helping her move, and not eat. Wish me luck, lovelies!

Sometimes I imagine taking a wicked sharp knife and slicing open my belly.

I’d let out all the yellow fat and sticky calories
and the evilevilbad things that I’m pretty sure live in there.

It would make me Lighter. Happier. Free. Perfect. Want more.

I’d want to slice myself open wider and let my bones all fall out,
clatter to the pavement and shatter into broken glass.

UGW: 00.00

ABC Diet, Day 15

Allowed: 250cal

B: None.
Total = 0cal

L: 1 Hawaiian roll(90cal), Tea(0cal)
Total = 90cal

D: 1/8 cup Rice A Roni(34cal), 1 plain rice cake(35cal)
Total = 69cal

Cardio: 3.5 hours of building props(-997cal)
Total = -997cal

Daily Total = 159/250cal
Net Total = -838cal

I had no idea Hawaiian rolls had so many calories in them!
Tomorrow my lunch will be rice cakes and hot sauce, jeesh.


Two things happened to me today that pushed me to continue on with the ABC Diet.

First, the box the scale came in. On the front, it has a picture of my scale with big neon red letter proclaiming “135.2,” which is their idea of a neutral, non-offensive weight. All I could think is that this imaginary person weighs less than me and I need to go for a run pronto.

Second, my cousin decided to test out my new scale. I’d already weighed myself (obsessively) so I knew it worked, but she was curious. She is 16 and she weighs quite a bit more than me, though I never knew how much. I almost hurled when she stepped on and it read “288.8” and she announced that she had “lost weight” since her last doctor’s appointment. She’d lost 2lbs in 2 months. All I could think was that I’ve lost 5lbs in 3 days. Seeing her stats was a definite motivation boost.

Also, I’ve just come to the realization that in 20lbs, I’ll be the only one in my immediate family that weighs less than 200lbs. Insane and totally exciting! I can’t weight to go to another family function with them and be the skinny one. Small victory, but a victory never the less!

Anonymous asked: stats and pics please?

Stats are now posted on my page. My weight is 220 right now (ew) and I’ve dropped 5lbs since 3 days ago. I have a picture, but I’m waiting to post it until I have a few to compare c:

ABC Diet, Day 14

Allowed: 350cal

B: Egg whites with lettuce and salsa(53cal), tea(0cal)
Total = 53cal

L: Rice Crispy Treat(100cal)
Total = 100cal

D: Nutella(200cal)
Total = 200cal

Cardio: 45 minutes walking(-246cal), Moving boxes(-224cal)
Total = -470cal

Daily Total = 353/350cal
Net Total = -117cal

I’ve lost 5lbs in 3 days. Watching the numbers on the scale go down is really amazing. I’ve never felt so good about myself. All I can think is “If I can do this, then I have the strength to keep going!” Next it will be 10lbs in 1 week, then 30lbs in 1 month. I can do this!

Tip of the day: Find joy in the little victories.

How is everyone else doing?

ABC Diet, Day 13

Allowed: 400cal

B: None.
Total = 0cal

L: 1 cup coffee(0cal), 1/2 tbsp Half & Half(20cal)
Total = 10cal

S: 1 piece of gum(5cal)
Total = 5cal

D: Salad with immitation crab and sesame dressing(94cal)
Total = 94cal

Cardio: 30 minutes walking(-153cal), 1 hour 45 minutes swimming(-715cal) 
Total = -868cal

Daily Total = 119/400cal
Net Total = -749cal

GW Rewards

Finally I got a scale and after weighing myself for the first time in years, I was DISGUSTED. I have no idea how I let myself get this high. Luckily, this is also just the motivation I needed. I’m now more determined than ever.

Since everyone keeps asking, here are my stats and also I made a little rewards chart for each GW I reach. I saw someone here on Tumblr do it and I thought it was a cute idea.

I have a long way to go before my UGW weight but I know I can do it. Wish me luck, lovelies!

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